The creation of the website was a process. Many steps were taken to create this website to make sure all of the content was uploaded, to make sure the theme had meaning, and to make sure the website was simple yet eye catching. The amount of time spent on this website shows how important your #stories are to us, as well as social injustice in general.

Step One: Brainstorm

The first task we were assigned was to brainstorm and observe various websites for inspiration. One website that inspired us the most was THE BLACKPRINT. It’s simple design made it easy for users to navigate, but there were still splashes of color to give the website a more aesthetically pleasing look and more meaning. We wrote down all of our brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard to get a sense of what we want. We learned that we would be using WordPress to make our website, as well. The brainstorm process lasted around one and a half days.

Our website hashtags were inspired by an activity that we did during Social Justice Hour at iCamp, where we write three hashtags that describe us. This hashtag theme emphasizes the need to make social injustice trending on social media.

Step Two: Creating the Website

Creating the website was about a four and a half day process. The first two days focused on the color theme and the layout. The last two days were spent cleaning up the website and adding special features, like tabs, to make it more navigable and interesting.


WordPress was very difficult to use at first, but over time we discovered new features like panels for the home page or tabs that allowed the user to access different parts of the website easily.

Some difficulties we had were operating the layout. We wanted our home page to have a flow-like feel and it took us a while to learn how the layout we applied for our website worked. Another problem that we encountered was figuring out how to add a splash of color to each page as well as adding tabs for easier navigation.

At one point, all of our websites crashed and some of our work was changed randomly, which was very frustrating.

Overall, creating the website was a very challenging, yet rewarding experience that taught us how to operate WordPress and create an amazing website.