Written by Jordyn Dennis

Teens’ opinions in today’s society are muted by adults when it comes to any topic — especially politics.

As iCampers, we believe that everyone should have a voice. What kind of nation would silence the opinions of younger citizens? We live in a democratic society, so the voices of teenagers should be heard in regards to controversial topics.

Adults usually silence the voices of teenagers because their thinking is “not on a mature enough level” or “capable of understanding” these controversial issues. This is a concept of adultism, which is the discrimination against and oppression of young people (https://nccj.org/adultism). This concept has become more prevalent in this generation as the youth empowerment movement has been growing.

“Youth is not a period in life but a state of mind.”

-Isabel Allende

Politics is a heavy topic in our nation, especially with the huge divide of the two political parties. Stating opinions is the first step to truly understanding a concept as confusing as politics. Many movements against government policy are started by teens that want to have a voice in the United States, and want to make a change to this country just like adults. For example, the gun control movement after the Parkland High School shooting.

“In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.


Teenagers have a voice, too. In fact, teenagers are as equally affected by laws as adults are.

The opinions of those who are capable of sharing possible nation-changing ideas should not be looked down upon or seen as not mature/smart enough to understand or give ideas about difficult, controversial topics.

Politics should be discussed by everyone.

Below is a discussion between three iCampers about controversial topics in the U.S.

Youth On Politics in the U.S.

Featuring Jordyn Dennis, Genesis Diaz, and Anthony Poole