It was only fitting that the letter “i” in “iCAMP” would be represented with a microphone. We want to get a message out into the world. We want to speak our truths, and dismantle the harmful mainstream narratives that exist about marginalized youth. We want to amplify the voices of people who despite fighting to be heard and listened to, are often spoken over. We will change the world with our voices. To continue with the theme of social justice outreach, a hashtag is hidden within the top of the microphone. We use technology to spread our message, and communicate our values.

Design Process

The creation of the physical product began with a simple sketch on notebook paper. I pitched the design to the multimedia collective, and we exchanged ideas. It has been a pleasure to work alongside such a creative and innovative group of individuals. I set to work on implementing the feedback received. Once revisions had been made, I snapped a photo of the drawing and uploaded it to ibis Paint X, a digital drawing program I have on my phone. I traced over each line, curve, and angle of the picture, using it as a guide. I revised and modified the angles within the drawing, making the design more consistent and visually appealing. The result is an image that makes use of parallel lines. Once the design was complete, we experimented with a variety of color options. We eventually decided on a simple and monochromatic black and white design. It has a simple and classic appeal.