Color is Intentional

Written by Jordyn Dennis

The color scheme of a website is what gives it character. Our color scheme supports the message we are trying to send about social injustice and its importance in society.

The #COLORSCHEME of the website was designed around the Pan-African flag.

The Pan-African (Black Liberation) flag represents the want for worldwide black liberation. We incorporated these colors into our website because they represent the need for social change. These colors represent the beliefs of iCampers as they show that worldwide liberation is needed.

The colors of the Pan-African flag represent…

the blood that unites all people of black heritage,

black people who exist as a nation, and

the bountiful natural wealth in Africa.

A Brief History

The Pan-African flag was created in 1920 in response to three songs that established a derogatory word in 1900 towards black people.

This flag stated that these three songs cannot hold back the black race from anything, so we incorporated these colors with that same statement in regards to social injustice, African Americans, and youth empowerment.