iCAMP is a community comprised of highly creative youth motivated to change the world through design and innovation. Our aim is to make social justice mainstream. We strive to build connections, empower and amplify voices that are often not listened to, disrupt dominant narratives, and dismantle oppressive social structures. Our goal is to create spaces where we are all free. Rather than perpetuating the harmful mainstream narratives that exist about marginalized youth, we strive to create a new space where we are free to make and share our own narratives. Our designs are skillful, deliberate, aesthetic, and full of intention.

The Multimedia Team’s Collective Principles:

  1. Youth can represent themselves.
  2. Youth knowledges are valuable.
  3. It matters to disrupt dominant narratives.
  4. Our aesthetics have cultural-political significance.
  5. People, our end goals, and having a humanizing process matter as much if not more than the end product.